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Announcing Head Heart Hands Action Guide

I’m excited to announce Head Heart Hands, which is FREE action guide designed to equip anyone who wants to respond to the harm of privilege.


There are so many reasons people don’t get involved in the work of righting social wrongs, fighting against injustice, and participating in the healing of society’s wounds. We’re busy enough with our own everyday problems. We’re overwhelmed and paralyzed by the scope of the need. We’re scared of what it would cost in terms of time, energy, and emotional fortitude. We don’t think our little efforts will make any difference. We aren’t aware that the need exists. 

I Don’t Know How

Spoiler alert: the last sentence of White Picket Fences is “Do we want to get well?” I wanted readers to wrestle with this question, and I’m still glad I ended there. And yet I was also struck by the insistent, “Yes. We want to get well,” that I heard from readers again and again. Over the course of this past year, I’ve heard the same message from people who have said, I want to respond to the injustices and wounds of privilege and social division. And I don’t know how.

Holistic Response

So as I traveled around the country last year, I began to speak about a holistic response to the wounds of privilege. I talked about how we respond with our whole selves, in community, over a long period of time. I talked about the head, the heart, and the hands all working together to give us what we need in order to participate in sustained and transformative healing work over time.

Action Guide: Head Heart Hands

Today I’m announcing the publication of a new, free resource to accompany White Picket Fences. Head Heart Hands is an action guide designed to equip anyone who wants to respond to the harm of privilege. It walks through the problems of “fixes” and then offers ways to engage your head, heart, and hands. 

Download this free guide! I hope it equips and empowers you to participate in ongoing healing work.


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