Marilee, Amy Julia, Peter, and Penny making progress walking on the beach facing away from the camera

Going in a Circle and Sometimes Making Progress

Marilee, Amy Julia, Peter, and Penny walking on the beach facing away from the cameraDoes it ever feel like your life is going in a circle? The older I get, the more I sometimes feel as though I’m not making any progress. I repeat the same mistakes. I worry about the same things. I regret the same old decisions.

But then there are the moments when I laugh at myself, and I realize I’m finally learning not to take myself so seriously.

Or when I don’t apologize for something I didn’t do wrong. (I know that sounds obvious, but I grew up apologizing for everything, as if I was responsible for everything screwed up in the world and the lives of everyone around me. #Overfunctioning #Codependency Etc.)

Or when I hear something rude about disability and, instead of feeling wounded, I feel compassion.

Not always going in a circle.

Sometimes making progress!

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