5 Ways to Receive God’s Love – Open Door Sisterhood Guest Post – Amy Julia Becker

I’ve just written a guest blog post on The Open Door Sisterhood called 5 Ways to Receive God’s Love. Spoiler alert: it’s not about just trying really hard.

My friends Alexandra Kuykendall and Krista Gilbert’s started The Open Door Sisterhood to encourage women of faith to live out their calling to love and serve others. They offer wisdom on faith, motherhood and leadership.  Topics range from marriage to time management to dealing with pain and more.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to appear on an episode their podcast. I share my own story and how am seeking God to help me know how to use my heart, head and hands to heal the social divisions we experience in our culture. It’s slightly different in topic from this blog post, but perhaps you’ll see how God’s love is important to enable us to love others – especially people who are different from us. You can listen to it on iTunes here.

PS – If you’d like to read more of my posts on love, you can check out Love That Never Fails, Love is Patient, and What Keeps Us From Love?

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