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Finishing To Be Made Well

gradient blue graphic with a selfie where Amy Julia is smiling at the camera with a wry smile and a picture of a computer, book, and notebook on a deskToday I will set a timer on my phone for 30 minutes. I will turn the phone over so I can’t see notifications of text messages or news stories or calls. I will turn off the wifi on my computer. I will open Microsoft Word. 

During those 30 minutes, I will ignore the little vial on my desk in which I am supposed to put a stool sample from our cat.

I will ignore the pile of folded laundry that has not been distributed to various rooms around the house.

I will ignore the voice inside my head that wonders whether anyone will benefit from these words.

I will repeat this process at least 4 times. And I will repeat it again tomorrow. 

And, word by word—or, as Anne Lamott says, bird by bird—I will write the final pages of To Be Made Well.

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