baby steps towards growing up

Baby Steps Towards Growing Up

picture of William and Marilee sitting at the table filling out formsMarilee definitely regrets the fact that she got excited when I told her I was filling out forms for summer camp because some unexpected words came out of her mouth: “We’ll help with that!” Our kids are growing up!

I never would have thought of it, but of course our kids, who are now 10, 12, and 15, can actually do things like fill in their name and address and the information on an emergency contact or two. 

So I printed out the forms and Marilee, William, and I sat down to fill them out together (Penny hasn’t signed up for any camps yet this year). We learned that they don’t remember our home phone number. Marilee wasn’t totally clear on our address. Neither of them had ever looked at a health insurance card before. 

It gave them a little glimpse of all the backstage work of being a parent. It gave me a little glimpse of how often I forget how much they can do for themselves. That afternoon, some resentment drained out of me. Some independence flowed into them. 

I’m sure next week I’ll forget again that interrupting their Facetime sessions and Netflix watching is totally acceptable, and I’ll respond to emails and fill out forms that they could do on their own. 

But for today, I’m grateful we are taking baby steps towards growing up together.

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