AJB Recommends: Spiritual Podcasts During COVID-19 Crisis

podcasts and covid-19

I’ve been listening to two different types of podcasts lately in this time of the COVID-19 crisis. One, podcasts that report and analyze news, politics, and current events. And two, podcasts that offer some spiritual insight into this COVD-19 moment. (There’s also another set of more self-help podcasts that are offering lots of good material right now. For those, I’m listening to Rhythms for Life and All Things Life.) 

Today, Good Friday, I wanted to recommend three episodes of spiritual podcasts I’ve appreciated in this season of COVID-19:

Praxis Podcast

First, Andy Crouch recorded an interview a few weeks ago in which he talked about how to mourn what needs to be mourned in this moment while also holding out hope for redemptive possibilities. This is a podcast designed for leaders, but as Andy points out, any adult who is leading a household (i.e. home-schooling) right now, could benefit from thinking about these things.

Transforming Center Podcast

Second, Ruth Haley Barton recorded an interview about spiritual leadership during this time. She emphasized pausing before reacting as she watched so many church leaders rush into action. In my opinion, now is a moment for leaders to step up, take action, and even work harder than usual, but I also appreciate the wisdom in Barton’s exhortation to pause, listen, pray, and even wait before acting right now.

For the Life of the World Podcast

Finally, Miroslav Volf offers a theological reflection on fear. There’s lots to chew on in this episode, but I was most struck by his comments on the pandemic/infectious nature of fear as well as his point that instead of trying to eliminate all danger, we need to learn how to cultivate courage.

I hope these words will bless you and strengthen you, as they did me. 


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