A Series on Gratitude

four posts in a series on gratitudeIn 2019 I wrote a series of posts on gratitude.

Thanksgiving feels different this year, and I’m finding I need reminders of the truths I wrote in the gratitude series last November:⁠

“I am grateful for many things, like podcasts and music and friendships. But giving thanks in all circumstances does not mean denying the dark, hard, painful realities of human life. I still give thanks when I see a sunset. But I also engage more regularly in prayer and action related to the hardship in the world. Gratitude is a practice that can fortify us for the work of love, but it is not meant to be a practice that cuts us off from the needs of our fellow human beings.”⁠
– Gratitude and Grief⁠

⁠Maybe you, like me, need these reminders too.

2019 Gratitude Series:

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