blue graphic with picture of the book How to Heal Our Divides

A Practical Guide: How to Heal Our Divides

dark blue graphic with a picture the practical guide How to Heal Our DividesWhat do we do to heal our divides within our nation and our relationships? We take small steps towards healing. 

What does it look like to live my ordinary life of laundry and dishes and bills to pay and camp forms to fill out while also actively caring about racism and injustice and social divisions?

Heal Our Divides With Small Steps

It looks like small steps. Learning local history. Reading or watching the news report that feels uncomfortable. Speaking up with grace and courage when someone says something that sounds like veiled (or not-so-veiled) racism. Praying. Volunteering time. Donating money. Caring for yourself when it’s just too much. Voting. Talking to your kids about race and ability and difference and common humanity. 

How will we heal as individuals, as families, as communities, as a nation?

Small step by small step. 

How to Heal Our Divides book

I had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts on social healing alongside a host of other writers, activists, and non-profit leaders for a new book called How to Heal Our Divides. It releases tomorrow, and I’d love for you to join me in reading these essays by people like David Bailey, Diana Butler Bass, Makoto Fujimura, Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne (and many more!)—who are all taking their own particular small steps towards healing.

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