We Need Humility for Healing and Life

dark blue graphic with a picture the practical guide How to Heal Our DividesWe need humility for healing and life.

“I’d rather hang out with a humble conservative than a self-righteous liberal. And I’d rather hang out with a humble liberal than a self-righteous conservative. Humility is life-giving. And self-righteousness is always toxic.”

I heard Shane Claiborne read from his chapter in the newly released How to Heal Our Divides book on Monday night, and these words resonated so deeply with me. Yes, we need to speak truth. Yes, we need courageous activism. Yes, we need people to stand up for justice. 

Humility for Healing

And within all of that, we need humility for healing. Not the self-righteous posturing of being right that leads to more walls of division, but the righteousness of God that leads to healing and life.

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