Unlimited Screen time

A Day of Unlimited Screen Time

We had an extended family Zoom call with a “bring your own blanket” theme.

Our household treated the first week of school closure due to COVID-19 as spring break, per our schools’ instruction. The kids asked for a day of unlimited screen time, and I acquiesced with the caveat that they couldn’t start watching until 8am. 

Penny emerged this morning at 5:52. “Oh sweetie,” I said when she found me in the kitchen making my tea. I reached out my arms for a hug. “Are you just having a hard time sleeping with all this confusion?” 

She looked at me with sleepy eyes and nodded slowly.

“How are you feeling about everything?” I asked, with my most compassionate voice.

“Confused?” she said. 

I nodded with understanding. “It can be hard to sleep when there’s so much uncertainty.”

She said, “Mom. I just can’t sleep when I’m excited. Unlimited screen time!”


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