Penny’s Gift of Encouragement is a Gift to Me

gift of encouragement

Penny’s gift of encouragement is a joy to receive! I received some disappointing news this week (unrelated to the coronavirus) and took out my phone to send my husband—Peter Becker—a text. I shared the news, and soon thereafter got a response from our daughter—Penny Becker: “I am so sorry to hear that tell dad” 

I realized at that point that Peter and Penny share the same initials, and I had accidentally texted Penny. (It still surprises me that I can text Penny at all.) I wrote back (from a few rooms away): “oh funny—I thought I was telling dad!”

Penny: “No you were telling me but you should tell dad as well You should know that I will always care for you no matter what happens and think positive thoughts”

Me: “Thanks! I’m surprised but it’s definitely okay”

Penny: “Good. I don’t want you being hurt though. You are my mom.”

I had forgotten that one of Penny’s gifts is encouraging others. I usually see that gift of encouragement directed towards other people, but I received it with joy and gratitude when it came my way. 

World Down Syndrome Day is on Saturday. In the midst of a troubling time, I am celebrating the gift of life of our daughter and so many others like her who bring light and life and love into this world.


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  1. Judy Jensen

    Aww, sweet Penny! Love that encouragement…

    Encouraging and Inspiring!!

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