non-fiction books reading in 2021

7 Non-Fiction Books I’m Reading in 2021

four non-fiction books that AJB recommends: Art and Faith, God's Hotel, The Deeply Formed Life, BreathI tend to read a novel before I fall asleep every night, but I end up having multiple non-fiction books going at the same time—one that I’m reading on Sunday afternoons, one or two that I’m reading during my quiet times in the morning, sometimes another that I read while eating lunch. Right now, I’m either reading or looking forward to these seven non-fiction books in 2021: 

God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet. This book actually came out years ago, but I just learned about it, and I’m loving this memoir of one doctor’s exploration of medieval medicine. 

Breath by James Nestor. My kids think it is very funny that I’m really excited to read a book about breathing, but he makes the science and spirituality of breathing a truly fascinating read. Who knew how much breathing can improve health? 

On the spiritual front, I just received a copy of Mako Fujimura’s Art and Faith and Rich Villodas’ The Deeply Formed Life. I’m waiting for Kristen Kobes Du Mez’ Jesus and John Wayne, Kaitlin Curtice’s Native, and Tish Harrison Warren’s Prayer in the Night.

You can look for some or all of these authors on upcoming episodes of the podcast

Do you have any non-fiction books you’d recommend right now?

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