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Our Calendars Are Spiritual Documents

Our calendars are spiritual documents. 

In our modern world, time is a precious commodity. And how we use/spend/give that time tells us what and who we value most.

I recently listened to the Bible Project podcast series on the book of Leviticus, and Tim Mackie said:

“What [the Israelites] do with their time tells the story of who they are in the world.”

Similarly, what we as a society do with our time tells the story of who we are. What we as a family, what we as individuals, do with our time tells the story of who we are.

I mentioned this to William and asked him what he sees when he looks at the story my time tells. He told me that I say I value time as a family. But this past spring especially, when Peter and I were out of the house for various committees and social gatherings and events night after night after night, my time told a different story. 

In the summer, my days slow down a bit. I don’t teach Bible study at church. I decided not to work on any big projects. It still feels plenty busy, but we’ve played hearts and watched Abbott Elementary and served alongside one another and taken hikes and walks and bike rides and cooked and talked about books and spent hours in the car together. 

As I look to the fall, I’m thinking of how I need to keep the slower pace in place.  

I want my time to tell a story of love. 

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