box full of a bulk order of To Be Made Well books

Video Series for Your Small Group This Fall

I got a fun DM earlier this week from a woman in California who just received a box of 50 copies of To Be Made Well that she will be using with her church’s women’s group this fall. 

She reached out to me a few months back to ask if there was any video teaching she could use to go with this study. Her question prompted me to do what I had been dreaming of doing, which was to make a series of videos to accompany the book alongside a passage from the Bible for each week.

I just wanted to remind you all of this free resource for you and your group to walk through the nature of healing, the barriers to healing, and participation in healing. And if you do use this guide, I’d love to hear how it goes, and I’d love to Zoom with your group! 

(Not only is the video series free, but you can also get discounts and free shipping on bulk orders of the book!)


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