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What People Are Saying About To Be Made Well Groups

One of the great gifts of being a writer whose words go out to places near and far is hearing from the people in those places. This fall, groups of women and men across the country read To Be Made Well in small and large group gatherings, and here’s what they had to say about it:
“Many group members found a new way to connect their bodies to their soul, by mindful prayer practices and prayerful listening…The book and supplemental videos, weekly discussion and practices were so good for our group; it is an easy entry for a small group or Bible study and each week there are many practical applications and spiritual lessons.”
– Holli (California)
“Reading this book in community made all the difference! At Kaleid’s To Be Made Well book club, we bore witness to one another’s stories of ache and healing…we gained a bigger vision for how Jesus is with us offering life and hope even in the darkest part of our stories!”
– Karen (Georgia)
To Be Made Well was experienced as transformative within our Yale community. People left our time of gathering with hope and healing.”
– Tamara F. Ravelo, Yale Divinity School Student Government President (Connecticut)
“Reading [To Be Made Well] together has exposed me to different kinds of healing that I never would have thought of. It also has shown me that Jesus meets us where we are to heal what we need.”
– Shelley (Colorado)
“This book has ignited lively discussion in class around what we mean when we use the word well in conjunction with healing. This is the Jesus we were meant to see…It has been an absolute delight to share inside and outside the class this beautifully enhanced revelation of the depth of Jesus’ compassion and healing encounters.”
– Mary (Virginia)

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