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Am I Willing to Be Interrupted by God’s Work of Love in the World?

Jesus’ birth was only noticed by the outsiders.

The Magi, non-Israelite foreigners who worshiped a distant god, nevertheless paid attention to the star in the east and came to find him.

The shepherds, the men who slept and worked outside and were marked as “sinners” and excluded from polite society, paid attention to the heavenly host and came to find him.

These two groups were very different—rich and poor, regal and lowly. But they both were paying attention. And they let the news of Jesus’ birth disrupt their lives. They welcomed the inconvenient interruption of their plans. They ran and rejoiced to see the little baby. 

The religious people didn’t notice. The powerful people didn’t notice. The respectable people in Bethlehem missed it too. 

As we come once again to this celebration of Jesus’ birth, I am wondering whether I am willing to be disrupted by grace, interrupted by glory, inconvenienced by humility, and welcomed into joy?

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