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What Is To Be Made Well About?

If you’re curious about the topics I write about in To Be Made Well, here’s a sneak peek at the Table of Contents. (And if you want to join us in reading and discussing the book next month—6 weeks before it becomes available to the public—sign up to join my launch team!)

The whole book looks at a story from Mark 5, where Jesus heals a woman who has been bleeding for 12 years and then goes to the house of a synagogue leader to heal his daughter. I use that story as a way to process my own experiences of healing in every sense—healing from an eating disorder and back pain as well as healing from shame and perfectionism. My overall hope is that readers can recognize the integrated nature of healing, that healing is for our bodies, minds, and spirits in the context of community. As we receive healing, we are equipped and sent forth to participate in healing in the world around us. 

Part I: The Nature of Healing

1 Restored to Self

2 Jesus’ Name Is Healer

3 Restored to Her Father

4 Restored to Community

5 Healing for All


Part II: Barriers to Healing

6 The Barrier of Distraction

7 The Barrier of Shame

8 The Barrier of Anxiety

9 The Barrier of Status


Part III: Participation in Healing

10 Bodily Healing

11 Spiritual Healing

12 Communal Healing

13 Social Healing

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