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Would You Like to Join My Launch Team?

Would you like to join my LAUNCH TEAM for To Be Made Well?

I would love to have you participate!

To be a part of the team, you would be one of the very first readers of To Be Made Well. You would receive an early (digital) copy and then discuss it with me and other group members through a private group on Facebook. Once a week, I will host a Facebook Live with the private group so that we can have a discussion with questions and answers in real-time.

Your presence in this discussion will help me prepare for other people’s questions about the book. It will sharpen my own thinking and, I hope, contribute to your own personal and spiritual healing and your ability to participate in social healing.

Then, when the book launches on March 15th, you get to take the lead in telling friends and family and colleagues and anyone else about it. I’ll ask you to share your own thoughts on the book, tell your local bookstores and libraries and churches about it, and review it online.

“This book will better equip you both for your journey in the healing process and to be an agent of healing.” — David M. Bailey, founder of Arrabon and coauthor of A People, A Place, and A Just Society

I’m so grateful for people like David Bailey who have endorsed the book, and I would be grateful also to have some of you join me on the book launch team!

GO HERE to join my launch team or for more info! And I’d love for you to invite your friends to join us too!


(You might not have time to join a launch team right now. Or maybe launch teams aren’t your thing! Even if you can’t join the launch team, you can help share the excitement for To Be Made Well by pre-ordering the book here.)

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