Penny and Elizabeth sit on the porch and smile at the camera. They are ready to paint their toenails.

We Need Each Other

Our friend Elizabeth came to town last weekend. I knew it would be fun for me personally, but I forgot what a gift it would be to have another adult really engaging with our children as they are. Taking Penny out to lunch and suggesting they paint their nails together. Practicing a TikTok with both girls until they more or less could perform it. Sitting at the dinner table with William and discussing pop music and reality TV. Running in a 3-mile race for mental health awareness with our whole family. 

Most of these are things I cannot do for our kids. I don’t dance. I don’t even have a TikTok account. I get impatient with painting toenails. I have no pop music knowledge to draw from. And instead of seeing those as deficits, I can see them as invitations, openings for other people to connect with them and see them and love them.   

I am so grateful that we need each other. 

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