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Time for an Introduction

Time for an introduction! Every month, more and more people start following this account—I’m so glad you are here. I want to introduce myself and learn a little bit about you too, so please give me a sense of who you are in the comments! As for me, 

1. I write and speak about disability, healing, and culture through a lens of faith. There tends to be a fair amount of family thrown in there too, since my days are always a blend of driving our kids in circles around Litchfield County, Connecticut, managing our household, and writing/speaking. 

2. On that note, I am an imperfect mother. Our kids are 16, 13, and 11, and I am very much still learning how to care for them. I’m a better mom now than I was when they were little, but I still don’t know how to balance their needs and my own, how to teach them to be resilient and be kind to themselves at the same time, or how to handle technology. (One of them just got Snapchat. All of them would like to be on a device at all times.) 

3. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single morning. A big bowl of berries (and sometimes mango), plain Greek yogurt, and Purely Elizabeth granola. It is the meal I miss most when I am away from home!

4. I love hiking and do not like camping. Give me 10 miles of hard sweaty work on steep trails followed by a warm shower and solid mattress and I will be very happy. 

5. I am training for my third half marathon in September. I have abandoned any attempt at finishing in less than two hours, which was my previous (and unrealized) goal, but I am feeling like running for 13 miles is goal enough for me! 

How about you? What do you eat for breakfast? What goals are you letting go of and which ones are you holding on to? Do you have thoughts on how to handle technology—for yourself or for a teenager near you?

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