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Guest Sermon: Salem Covenant Church

The 4 Things John 5 teaches us about healing, which is to say, about God

“Biblically speaking, health isn’t the absence of illness. Health isn’t the absence of anything. It is the presence of God.”

I recently had the chance to reflect on that thought and the nature of Jesus as one who heals in a recent sermon I preached at our local church. Here, I’m quoting theologian John Swinton. In my sermon, I spoke about John 5, the story of a man who has been ill for 38 years and has an encounter with Jesus. The audio is available here, and you can hear me talk about four aspects of Jesus’ ministry as a healer: 

  1. Jesus is not afraid of suffering
  2. Jesus heals unconditionally
  3. Jesus’ healing is disruptive
  4. Jesus is always healing

We all so desperately need healing in this world, yet we do not always focus on the ways that Jesus is able to provide healing to us. He does not run and hide at the sight of our suffering. Rather, he invites us into his love and comes closer when the world turns away.

Sermon Link: http://bit.ly/AJBsermon 

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