Normie – A Down Syndrome Coming of Age Film

I experienced such deep joy at the Normie screening at the Five Senses Festival.

Not only did I get to sit outside under the stars in our lovely little town and watch a beautiful, poignant, funny, moving film about what it means to be a human wrestling with loneliness, belong, love, and limitations, but I got to do so surrounded by an intergenerational mix of people from all the corners of my life and beyond.

I had seen Normie before, but watching it on a big screen in the context of a group of people only made me appreciate this film more. The main character, Anne Marie, is a funny, honest, articulate, young woman who insists on grappling with some of the deepest questions of life and meaning and purpose. Yes, she has Down syndrome, and yes, that defines her in some ways.

But I would also call this a coming-of-age story about a young woman who–like so many of us–longs to be loved for who she is and also wrestles with doubts about whether God has a purpose for her and even self-hatred. Through interviews with her, her parents, other parents of children with Down syndrome (including us!), and a physician, a magician, and a pastor, this film takes us on a journey of self-discovery, connection, beauty, and love. I’m so grateful I got to participate in it and share it with our local community Thursday night.

As I mentioned, my family has a small cameo in the film, so keep an eye out in the trailer for Penny ballet dancing in a pink tutu! (see photo below, too)

Check out the Normie trailer here. And you can see additional clips of the film featuring me and my children here.

PS: You can also reach out to the film-makers about screening the film in your area. I’d love for as many people as possible to see Anne-Marie’s story. 

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  1. Carla Phillips

    When will this be aired on tv?

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      It’s currently not scheduled to be aired. Go to the Normie website for more information and how you can see the film.

  2. kelly fischer

    There is a showing of Normie scheduled in our town in early December and I am planning to go. Just wondering if it would be appropriate to take my kids…I mean would they be able to grasp the message of the film and appreciate it? They are ages 8, 11 and 13.

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      Our kids all watched it and enjoyed it, and when we screened it in town this summer, there were kids in that age range as well. It is certainly appropriate, and there are some scenes that they will definitely appreciate so I would say go for it! I’d love to hear what they think if you do go all together.

  3. Marly Abbott

    When will this movie be available for the general public. Not by booking a screening. I saw the website said there will be a digital download in 2020, but when??

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      I wish I could tell you more! I will reach out to the producers and see if I can get a specific date. It’s a wonderful film.

  4. Kelly

    Hi . I m in Australia ,were can I get a copy of Normie

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      Right now, you can only view Normie through a screening. But I’m excited because at the end of October, we are going to run a promotion where people can watch it anytime between October 20-30. If you sign up to receive my newsletter you’ll get the information!

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