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The Power of Saying Thank You

One way to make your day better today: say thank you. 

One way to make another person’s day better today: say thank you.

It’s one of those tiny habits that can make a tremendous difference. I remember the first time I went out of my way to say thank you after a team of educators cared really well for Penny. She was probably five years old, and we were pretty new to this whole Individualized Education Plan (IEP) thing

They were so kind. They clearly wanted to support her in learning and growing. And I had heard so many horror stories about these meetings and how we would need to fight for her rights and instead they seemed to be anticipating her needs before we even knew them. 

So I asked for the number of their supervisor, and I called her. I guess most parents who are calling the supervisor are calling with a complaint. So she was totally shocked when all I wanted to do was to say thank you for the competence and kindness of the staff on her team. 

I don’t do it nearly as often as I could, but I learned in that moment that saying thank you flooded me with a sense of how important it is to notice the gifts of this life. And I’m pretty sure it made her day better too. 

Say Thank You

So, say thank you to the teacher who did such a good job today that your kid came home and gushed about the tadpoles or the art project or the conversation about justice.

Or say thank you to the pastor who came to watch your son play soccer.

Or say thank you to the family member who gave you a reason to smile.

Or say thank you to the woman behind the counter who rang up your groceries.

There’s a whole lot of hurt and hardship out there. And a whole lot of goodness too. 

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