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Develop Your Spirituality by Starting Small

What if we had a way to alleviate depression and anxiety, to protect against substance abuse and self-harm? What if there were answers to the mental health crises we are facing as a society and especially among our teenagers? 

In Lisa Miller’s book The Spiritual Child, she says spirituality protects against depression, anxiety, and substance abuse at far higher rates than any other medication or intervention. 

FAR HIGHER than ANY other medication or intervention.

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Miller defines spirituality as “an inner sense of relationship to a higher power that is loving and guiding.” Spirituality can come to us through religion. It can also come to us through nature, sports, other people, and practices of mindfulness and prayer. It cannot come through a focus on accomplishment, affluence, and achievement.

But how do we develop these practices for ourselves or pass them on to our kids? 

At the moment, I’m also reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits. He talks about how really small but consistent changes in our everyday lives are exactly the way to make major changes in our lives. 

Discover or Develop Your Own Sense of Spirituality

And so, if you are a person who would like to discover or develop your own sense of spirituality, James Clear would say start small enough to keep going:

  • Take two minutes a day to pray or meditate.
  • Read one paragraph of a spiritual book or the Scripture from a religious tradition. 
  • Ask one question.
  • Journal one line of gratitude. 

And for those of us who want to invite our kids to do the same, again we can start small:

  • A text asking how we can pray for them.
  • A conversation about what makes us human and whether God is a part of that where we do more listening and asking questions than stating opinions.
  • A word of thanksgiving.
  • A word of apology.

We can take small steps towards life-changing spiritual practices that connect and protect both us and our children.

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