S4 E16 | Dear White Peacemakers with Osheta Moore

Can peacemaking dismantle racism? Osheta Moore, author of Dear White Peacemakers, offers a warm and welcoming invitation to White people as she talks with Amy Julia about antiracism, the difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking, and the equalizing nature of our belovedness. (Scroll down for book giveaway!)



“Osheta Moore is a writer, pastor, speaker, and podcaster in Saint Paul, Minnesota, as well as a mother of three and economic justice advocate for women in developing countries.” Preorder her book Dear White Peacemakers: Dismantling Racism with Grit and Grace, which is scheduled to be released on May 18, 2021.

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Dear White Peackemakers episode quotes | Osheta Moore

“I define shalom as God’s dream for the world as it should be, not being broken…everything made whole.”

“If Jesus actually calls us to be peacemakers, what does that look like and how does that look in our everyday lives?”

“A huge part of shalom begins with seeking peace in myself and peace with God. I can’t be at peace with myself in my brown skin if I don’t have conversations about systems of the world that make it hard for me to thrive, and I can’t be at peace with God if I don’t believe that God didn’t make a mistake in giving me my brown skin.”

“The nature of this work is making peace, not being peacekeepers. We are actively binding up brokenness, resisting systems of oppression, and that’s doing peacemaking work together. And so I can’t do peacemaking work with you if I don’t choose to live at peace with you.”

“If I really care about your belovedness, I’m going to invite you into this work and listen to you and be patient with you and love you. But if you care about my belovedness, then you’re going to understand that there are systems that are continually oppressing me, like police brutality or school systems. You’re going to do what you can to change those systems so that I can move through this world as a beloved.”

“Part of my nonviolent peacemaking practices is to hold onto the humanity of people.”

“Do some intentional work of owning and acknowledging your belovedness…oftentimes we don’t see the humanity of others because we’ve neglected the humanity of ourselves.”

“Belovedness can be the great equalizer that we need in this world.”

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