3 photos of Penny from graduation day

Penny in Her Own Words: Graduation and the Future

Penny is a high school graduate! Here are her reflections on graduation day and the future:

I can’t really believe you have finished your final year of high school! How does it feel?

I agree with you because I still can’t believe I have finished high school. It feels bittersweet, because even though I am relieved that high school has ended, I still wish I could re-live high school one more time.

Oh, now I’m curious to hear why you feel relieved that high school has ended?

Not being in school means freedom in my eyes. It also means you don’t have to wake up so early with the sound of your alarm.

What were some highlights from graduation day?

Some highlights from graduation day were:

  • The Speeches ( especially Faith’s)
  • Cheering along with the rest of the class for others receiving their diplomas
  • Pictures after ceremony

Does anything stand out for you about Faith’s speech?

Faith made 2 speeches and I thought both of them were really good. In her last speech I liked how she thanked everyone In the senior class. She had to go through all 75 of us and I thought that was Impressive.

What part of the day made you feel the most celebrated?

The party back at home made me feel the most celebrated because everyone wanted to be there celebrating me.

Who were the different people who came to your party? What was it like to have them all together?

  • Elizabeth (dance teacher)
  • Rachel and Ginny (close friends from New Jersey)
  • Maddie (best friend and old babysitter)
  • Stephanie and her mom ( from church)
  • And lots of family members and a few teachers from school

Are there things that you are sad about leaving behind?

Yes, some examples are:

  • All of my friends
  • Pep Rallies
  • Shepaug Dances
  • Fineline (dance)
  • Cheerleading

What are you excited about for your future?

  • I am excited for trying to locate a job and sticking with it
  • I am excited for hopefully being on the cheer team again
  • I am excited for a new adventure


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