Amy Julia takes a selfie outside with a green lawn behind her. She is wearing a bright pink shirt.

October Fun Facts

Every so often, I introduce myself around here for people who are new to this space. I also try to share some things about myself that might surprise those of you who’ve been around for a long time too, and I love to hear about who you are in return. So here you go, five fun facts about me:


I’ve been seeing the quotation from Anne of Green Gables lately, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” And even though it is overused, yes. October in Connecticut is gorgeous. I look forward to driving the kids to school because there is more beauty every single day. And October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. (All that said, I liked Emily of New Moon even better than Anne of Green Gables. Anyone else?)


I recently came across this Japanese word for too many books. We need this word in English for people like me. To that point, I’ll just share a few of the (too many) books I have been reading lately: West with the Giraffes, The Great Alone, The Recovering, Forest Walking, and Managing Leadership Anxiety.

Hot Pink

I also recently remembered that I like wearing hot pink. This fact surprises me because I think of myself as someone who likes to blend in, especially when it comes to my appearance. But a hot pink exercise shirt led me to a hot pink silk blouse and a hot pink wool skirt and, best of all, a sweater with the color “neon flamingo” (see photo!). 

Cauliflower Pronunciation

I pronounce cauliflower with a long e. Caul-ee–flower. As if it rhymes with Polly. I learned recently that many people pronounce it caul-ah-flower, and Google pronunciation agrees. But I’m curious–is this a regional thing? Or just me? How do you say cauliflower?

Praying and Dreaming

I have been writing and teaching and speaking for a long time about faith, family, disability, and healing. I’ve started dreaming (and praying) about creating a center for healing and justice where people could gather to learn and connect and begin to put ideas into practice. 

What are you reading? What unexpected color are you wearing? What are you dreaming about? And, not to be forgotten, how do you pronounce cauliflower? 

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