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A New Name for Bible Study?

I am wondering whether we need a new name for Bible Study.

Maybe this isn’t the problem I think it is. But I wonder whether the words “Bible study” imply homework. And serious knowledge. Or ownership of a study Bible or facility with Greek or Hebrew or even just familiarity with these ancient works of literature and poetry and history.

What if we called it a Bible discussion? Or a Bible conversation? What if we named it “Reading the Bible Together”? Or “Talking about Ancient Jewish and Christian Books”? 

What I do know is that the Bible has been a lifeline to people from all educational backgrounds, from around the globe, from all walks of life and strata of society, throughout time. And I know that I learn something every single week from people who have studied the Bible less than I have. And I know I want to invite more and more people to do the same. To come together, encounter these words, and see what God does with them in our midst. 

I’m curious to hear from you—have you ever participated in a Bible study? If not, why not? Do you think the title matters?

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