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I am a much better mom of teens and tweens than I was of toddlers. Or at least, I enjoy being the mother of teens and tweens a lot more than I enjoyed being the mother of toddlers. Can anyone relate?

I know at least some of you can, because you noticed when I mentioned this in an introductory post I wrote a while back, and you asked me about it, and I had the chance to turn it into an essay for

Here’s a quote from the essay:

I used to feel guilty that I wasn’t a “baby person.” And then I felt guilty that I didn’t want to “hold onto every moment” with my small children. Older women would say with a tone of sorrow, “The days are long, but the years are short.” 

When my kids were little, the days did feel long. The months also felt long. The years felt long too. We had moments of delight and laughter and wonder. But I felt inadequate and impatient. Every day.


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