blurred yellow autumn leaves

Maybe Fall Could Last Forever

I’ve seen a lot of fall foliage in my day, and this year it’s like the trees conspired to show off. It just keeps going and going. More beautiful than ever. And longer than ever. 

It will be over soon. The days will grow shorter and darker and colder. The leaves will look stark and bare and gray. And we may need to work harder to find a different, deeper kind of beauty and joy. 

But for today, as we enter into the sixth week of astonishing, rapturous reds and yellows and oranges, the sixth week of an invitation to laugh out loud with the absurd gift of these colors, the maple raining yellow on my head, the sumac blinking red, the muted burnt oranges that fill the hillside, I just want to pause and acknowledge the beauty. Pay attention to the glory. And say thank you.  

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