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Liuan Huska Endorses To Be Made Well

I’m so grateful for the women and men who endorsed To Be Made Well. Liuan Huska’s words are especially meaningful because she has written her own beautiful and complex exploration of the topic of healing. Thank you, Liuan!

Amy Julia Becker turns the stories of the bleeding woman and Jairus’s daughter over like a prism to show readers all facets and shed light on our personal, spiritual, and communal longings to be whole. Her writing is honest, insightful, and unafraid of complexity, always leading us beyond ourselves and into the mystery of Jesus, our ultimate healer. I hope many read this book and accept the invitation to participate in God’s deep and wide work of healing.

– Liuan Huska, author of Hurting Yet Whole: Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness

More with Amy Julia:

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