flooded river lined by green trees

Life’s Raging River

The rains have been intense around here lately. And these days our life as a family feels uncomfortably like this river. I’m wondering whether we just let the water run its course, or whether we take it as a warning that we need more margin in order to avoid a catastrophe. 

Either way, we need to slow things down, but the pace of life in four different schools in October is, well, not slow at all. 

I can’t slow the river. But I can take time every morning to reflect on the day that passed and the day ahead. I’m identifying anxiety and resentment. I’m noticing peace and joy. I’m reading the wisdom and truth contained in the Psalms. And I’m sitting in stillness in God’s presence (even though my thoughts often still feel like that roaring river). I’m learning, I hope, to trust in the one who says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. And the winds and the waves shall not overcome you. Do not fear.”


I’m still paying attention to the water levels. But I was reminded on my walk that sometimes there are bridges that lift us up over the waters. And sometimes there are straight, flat, dry paths that lead us forward.

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