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Launch Day | To Be Made Well

It’s LAUNCH DAY for To Be Made Well: An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing, and Hope! I believe this book can be a catalyst for transformative healing in many people’s lives. 

In this book, you will receive:

  • my story of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • a deeper understanding of why Jesus’ ministry of healing matters for us today
  • an understanding of the barriers to healing and how to overcome them
  • ways to participate in personal, spiritual, and communal healing
  • a deeper understanding of God’s unending love for you

Right now, we all need healing. 

The old ways of pleasure and entertainment and avoiding pain aren’t working.

We don’t just need inspirational messages or positive attitudes. We need transformational experiences with a God who loves us and who comes to us with compassion and grace and tender care. 

As I write in To Be Made Well, healing is for each of us and for all of us. 

You can find To Be Made Well wherever books are sold! 

(You can also read an excerpt on my website and you can hear me read an excerpt on my podcast this week.)

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