I’m Writing a New Book! Signed the Contract!

blue graphic with a picture of Amy Julia looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera with a pen poised in her hand to sign a book contract and white text that says New Book! To Be Made WellI just signed the contract to make it official! My next book, To Be Made Well: An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing, and Hope, will be released by Herald Press in the spring of 2022. 

To Be Made Well is a book about personal, spiritual, and social healing.

I’ll share my own stories of healing alongside thoughts and reflections about Jesus as a healer, especially in the story of Jesus with a woman with persistent bleeding and a synagogue ruler named Jairus from Mark 5

The last line of my last book, White Picket Fences, is “Do we want to get well?” This new book will reflect on how we cannot get well as a society until we get well personally while we also cannot get well personally unless we participate in getting well as a society.

So I’ll be writing about physical pain and the placebo effect and miracles, shame and anxiety and distraction, alongside injustice and compassionate anti-racism and our invitation into God’s healing love.

Grateful to have you along on the writing journey!

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Hi, I’m Amy Julia.

I write about faith, family, disability, and privilege.

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