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I Love Hearing From Groups Using To Be Made Well!

I love hearing from the groups around the country who are reading and discussing To Be Made Well, and it is always a joy to receive your notes and reviews. Thank you not only for reading the book but for engaging it. As I write in To Be Made Well, “healing is for each of us, and for all of us”!

“We used Amy Julia’s Lenten Series as a Church and the discussion that followed the video presentation helped many to look at the various types of healing in a very new way, I would highly recommend it.”

– Cincinnati church

I’m leading a group of women through To be made well , and they are loving it. We get thru about half a chapter each meeting and have your questions to guide us. We’ve done many bible studies, CS Lewis, and various books and they wanted me to tell you how your stories, vulnerability and honesty have impacted their experience as well as the content.”

– Virginia group

“Well written without all the typical and tired platitudes about healing. At the end, I had a hopeful vision of how deep, how long and how high is the healing God offers us. I have read all of Amy Julia’s books and each one stirred my heart. Read this book!”

– Amazon review

“I bought the audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book was satisfying intellectually and Biblically. Now to go actually apply what I learned to my life…!”

– Amazon review

THANK YOU for reading and sending me notes!

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