Amy Julia and family make silly faces on a bridge in Nashville before the Beyonce concert

I Didn’t Mean to Go to Another Concert

After we saw Taylor Swift in concert in May, I vowed I would never go to another stadium concert. When William discovered that Beyoncé would be playing in Nashville on the night we would be in town, my response was, “Absolutely not. Don’t even tell your sisters.”

And then, a few weeks later, I realized that she was playing on the night before one of my best friend’s 50th birthdays. And our other close friend would also be in Nashville with her daughter that night. And our friend with the birthday loves Beyoncé. And stadium concerts. And dressing up. And, as it turns out, rolling glitter on my arms and legs. 

We bought the tickets.

And we went to see Beyoncé. We danced. We dressed up. We wore glitter. We sang Happy Birthday

And while I return to my vow of no more stadium concerts, I also am really glad I ignored the vow and went to it anyway. I’m glad not because I think Beyoncé is awesome (I do). I’m glad not because I impressed my kids (kind of, in a 46-year-old Mom kind of way). I’m glad because it is so deeply good to celebrate the people we love.

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