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Healing Our Narratives

A friend recently pointed out that I need to experience healing in the midst of the false narratives I tell myself. As some of you already know, I tell myself the story of “never enough.” And I tell myself the story of “doing it wrong.” Neither of these narratives is true, and neither is helpful.

My friend called my attention to John 5, where Jesus sees a man who has been “an invalid” for 38 years. This man is lying by a pool that is supposed to contain healing waters, but the man cannot get close to the water. 

He tells Jesus the story of why he cannot be healed. But Jesus ignores that narrative. Instead, Jesus says, “Get up. Take your mat and walk.” 

Jesus pays great attention to this man, but he pays no attention to the old narrative. He gives the man a new story. And the man gets up and walks. Jesus heals him by calling him to leave the old narrative behind and participate in the work God is doing in his life.

What’s the story you tell yourself that keeps you in a place where you feel stuck, as if healing could never happen? And what’s the new story that you long to be true? Could it be that God is speaking that new story over you, and me, right now?


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