Amy Julia holding the book A Good and Perfect Gift in one hand and pointing to it with her other hand. She is looking at the camera and grinning big!

Happy Book Birthday, A Good and Perfect Gift

gradient blue graphic with a picture of Amy Julia grinning big and pointing to the book A Good and Perfect Gift that she is holding in her hand and a picture of a book birthday graphicOne of the things you’re supposed to do when you write a book is master your elevator pitch. How can you convey the essence of this story in the time it would take to ride an elevator a few floors with someone? Can you condense the 60,000 words to a sentence or two?

I’ve never been great at limiting my words, but in the past ten years, as I’ve continued to tell people about A Good and Perfect Gift, (which turns ten today!) I’ve given this elevator pitch hundreds of times:

A Good and Perfect Gift is a spiritual memoir about how I came to receive our daughter, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, as a gift. 

Sometimes I say a little more: And how welcoming her into our family helped me receive my own life and that of everyone else around me as a gift. 

Today, I celebrate the gift of Penny’s life, but also the gift of sharing our story with thousands upon thousands of other people. 

Your life is a gift to others. 

Every other human being you encounter is a gift to the rest of us.

And when we begin to have eyes to see those gifts within us and all around us, the whole world becomes a place of wonder.

Happy Book Birthday, A Good and Perfect Gift

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