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Feeling Our Feelings as a Family

picture of boy leaning on the railing of a wooden bridge looking off camera with trees behind himSo I’m learning about feeling my feelings these days (as you might have noticed from some other posts). And I’m trying to teach our kids how to feel their feelings too. Honestly, they aren’t going to learn it by osmosis, because both Peter and I still have a lot of our own learning to do in this area. But we figure we can try to learn together how to start feeling our feelings as a family.

So we’ve started a family practice of sharing emotions. At dinner, we ask whether anyone had any emotions today. They can be “negative” or “positive,” but everyone gets a chance to share. Peter shared a few nights ago about feeling angry earlier that day. So far, our kids have talked about feeling happy, worried, relieved, and peaceful.  

I’m hoping this practice helps our kids (and us!) skip past the pain that emerges from repressed emotions. I’m also hoping it helps us all learn how to notice emotions, name them, and handle them in the safety of family. And I’m hoping that feeling our feelings as a family helps us bring all of who we are into God’s presence, so we can learn how to receive God’s healing love.

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