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Family Dinner Questions

I’m always on the lookout for good table questions for family dinners. Recently, we asked:

  • “What’s one area of your life that feels easy right now?”
  • “What’s one area that feels challenging?”

Everyone shared, including Peter and me. I loved this set of questions because it gave us each a chance to talk about something that is going well for us without feeling like we are boasting. It gave us a chance to admit something that’s hard, knowing that everyone else was going to be sharing something from their own vulnerable place.

It gave Peter and me a little window into our kids’ views of themselves. It showed our kids that their parents struggle. It showed them that we aren’t afraid to admit challenges. 

Our areas of ease and challenge are different, but we all have them. This one little question brought us together with a glimpse of our particular stories and our shared humanity.

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