Essential Church Podcast and Privilege

I had a great time talking with Andrew Arndt on the Essential Church podcast about White Picket Fences. He asked great questions that gave me the chance to tell the story about how I backed my way into writing this book. I didn’t ever intend to write a book about privilege. As plenty of people have noted, there are potential problems when a privileged white person writes about being a privileged white person. It can easily be an opportunity for naval gazing or self-aggrandizement. And it also opens me up to criticism from both conservative and liberal perspectives, and I did experience a lot of fear in wading into the waters of privilege. 

But, as we talk about on this episode, taking the time to look at my life through the lens of privilege changed me. It made the world more complex. More difficult. More honest. And, ultimately, it humbled me and invited me into a life more deeply rooted in the love of God. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to this conversation

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