Announcing Love is Stronger Than Fear Podcast

The short version of the super exciting announcement is that I started a podcast called Love is Stronger Than Fear. The first season of Love is Stronger Than Fear podcast will drop next week, starting on November 29th.  This first season is called Prepare Him Room: Advent Reflections on When God Shows Up. 

You can listen to the trailer here. And go ahead and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so that you will receive new episodes each day of the Advent season. {Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, as well as other platforms}

Love is Stronger Than Fear

The longer version of this story is that I put together an Advent ebook that I’ve offered for free over the past few years. (It’s still available, here.) I love reflecting on the meaning of Christmas and Advent, and I’ve received lots of positive feedback on this little book. Last year, my friend Elizabeth said, “You should just record it, so people can listen to it as well.” 

The thought lodged in my brain, and I kept thinking it was a great idea. I also kept not doing anything about it. I don’t have any recording equipment. I don’t know how to create a podcast. I don’t know how to title it or find music for it or deal with the technological side of it. 

But then I ended up hiring that same friend, Elizabeth, to manage my website overhaul (for which I am eternally grateful), and along the way she said she would also figure out who to hire and how to make the podcast happen. She helped title it and think through the episodes and create the website for it. She even whipped off the design for the Love is Stronger Than Fear logo. Yes, I am in awe of her abilities.

Advent Reflections

All of this is to say that for the month of December (starting on November 30th, in fact), every day I will release a new short episode of the Love is Stronger Than Fear podcast with Advent Reflections. The episodes are anywhere from four to eight minutes long. They will walk you through the Biblical stories about Jesus’ birth, and they will connect those events from thousands of years ago to the stress and joy of the everyday holiday season here and now. 

So please subscribe, share, and listen along!

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