My latest thoughts on
faith, family, disability,
privilege, and healing

Sarah Leathers, Penny, Marilee, and Amy Julia take a picture together in a commercial kitchen

Healing Meals

As if it wasn’t enough for us to experience abundant love and goodness at Hope Heals Camp last week, we also got to visit a

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pink flowers on a table in a beach house in front of a window looking out at the ocean and surrounded by chairs

On Vacation

I’ll be away for the next week or so. Away in real life, at our family’s beach house on the Connecticut shore, with my stack

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A stack of 3 books sits on a white staircase - The Sea of Tranquility, Horse, and The Madness of Crowds

Three Summer Reads

These are my first three reads for the summer: Futuristic sci-fi: Sea of Tranquility  Historical fiction: Horse Contemporary mystery: The Madness of Crowds What is

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