collage of holiday photos

Recap of Holiday Fun

Sometimes the holidays are one long stressful reminder of all the childhood wounds and irritations and conflicts you’ve ever tried to work through in therapy. 

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collage of photos of Penny with the family

Penny Turns 18

Our daughter Penny turns 18 today. She’s not at home with us, as it turns out. Rather, she is at a retreat center with a

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blurred photo ofl ights on a Christmas tree

Holy Longing

Christmas is a season of holy longing.  Whether we are singing along to “Holly Jolly Christmas” or “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” we are longing

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photo of Amy Julia sitting on a couch and smiling at the camera with toddler Penny in her lap, who is also smiling

When Love Shows Up

On Christmas we celebrate because love has shown up in our world. Not in some vague, abstract way. But love, in the flesh, in the

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photo of ice crystals on glass with cedar trees blurred against a sunrise in the background

Holy Disruption

When Mary hears the message that she has been chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus, Luke tells us she was “troubled.” When

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painting of a path through woods

Life in the Woods

There was a day when I realized that no doctor would ever emerge to say about Penny having Down syndrome, “It was touch and go

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photo of Amy Julia's hand holding a kindle with the book Necessary Trouble on the cover

December Favorites

Here are some of my recent favorite books, a podcast, and an essay, as well as a beautiful song: 1. Novel: Machines Like Me by

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