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5-Book Giveaway

We are approaching the book birthday of To Be Made Well, so I’m celebrating with a 5-book giveaway with some other incredible authors over on

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Peter and Penny lean towards each other across a table

Penny’s PATH

Each year, a team of friends, family, educators, and community members gathers to support and encourage Penny as we plan for her future. This annual

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Holding the Lines as a Parent

I was going to be the parent who holds all the lines. The no-cell-phones-until-high-school line. The dresses-that-look-your-age-for-the-middle-school-dance line. The only-one-sugary-treat-a-day-and-only-a-small-one-at-that line. And the common-sense-media-tells- me-all-I-need-to-know-about-what-you-should-be-watching-on-television

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February Introductions

One fun thing I’ve started doing about once a month is introducing myself here. This community is growing, and I love getting to know you

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