My latest thoughts on
faith, family, disability,
privilege, and healing

white blankets

Healing Is Exhausting

Healing is exhausting. At least that is what I’ve been thinking as I’m recovering from oral surgery. I’ve needed my ice packs and my smoothies

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Amy Julia takes a selfie outside with a green lawn behind her. She is wearing a bright pink shirt.

October Fun Facts

Every so often, I introduce myself around here for people who are new to this space. I also try to share some things about myself

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hand holding a copy of White Picket Fences

White Picket Fences Turns 4!

White. Economically stable. Cares about other people. Doesn’t like social divisions. Doesn’t know what to do about those divisions. Afraid that trying to do anything

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Marilee and Amy Julia sit on a green couch and lean their heads together for a selfie

So Middle School

She is the epitome of middle school. Marilee announced last week that we didn’t need to read to her before bed any longer. She just

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