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Disability in “All the Light We Cannot See” Netflix Series

Have you watched the Netflix series All The Light We Cannot See? It is an awesome, subversive message about disability and, ultimately, about humanity. The main character is blind, and there are multiple reasons why people see her blindness as a curse.

I’m not going to get into all the details, but I do want to point out how her dad keeps saying, “No, you are a blessing. And your blindness, actually, in and of itself, is a blessing because you are the one who is able to see the light. You are the one who can see all the light we cannot see.”

He is pointing her to the truth that she is able to bring blessing to those around her and experience blessing in her own life.

I love this message, not just for what it says about disability, but what it says about all of us in terms of the things that we think about as defective or problematic about ourselves. What if they’re actually gifts? What if they’re actually a way in which we are blessed in order to be a blessing to the people around us?

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