light blue graphic and in the center is a dark blue graphic with right-aligned, all-caps text that says: "Reimagining the Good Life." Underneath is a thin yellow line, followed by white text: "Disability. Faith. Culture."

Reimagining the Good Life. Disability. Faith. Culture.

Reimagining the Good Life. Disability. Faith. Culture.

After months and months of conversation, that’s where we’ve landed as a concise way to invite people to explore the work I do.

In the midst of this process—which involved lots of sharpies and pieces of butcher paper rolled out across large tables and words scribbled and crossed out—I woke up one morning and had what felt like an epiphany. I want my work to:

  • Challenge assumptions about the good life
  • Proclaim the inherent belovedness of every human being
  • Envision a world of belonging

We decided that the best way to convey the work I do and welcome people to follow and engage with it was through the words: Reimagining the Good Life: Disability. Faith. Culture. (More about those three words later)

You’ll start to see signs of this tagline (and logo—the next step was a fun design process where we picked fonts and colors and “graphic assets”) on the header of my weekly newsletter, on my website, and on all the different social media platforms.

We also renamed my podcast, and I’m working on a workshop called Reimagining Family Life with Disability. If that goes well, I’m also thinking about a webinar called Reimagining Church Life with Disability.

Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped me come to these realizations. Thank you for spreading the word about the work I’m doing.

I hope and pray that all of this work will ultimately serve you and people like you as we seek to challenge assumptions, proclaim belovedness, and envision belonging and reimagine the good life together.


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