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Black History Month

As we enter Black History Month tomorrow, I want to highlight some of the Black voices who have helped me expand my understanding of Black history and culture.

JEMAR TISBY is the first person who told me to be on the lookout for White Christian Nationalism. His understanding of history and theology gives him incredibly helpful insights into our current moment.

BLACK LITURGIES combines poetry and prayer that invites us to lament and celebrate and everything in between.

THE KING CENTER reminds us of the ongoing legacy of Dr. King’s commitment to non-violence.

DOMINIQUE GILLIARD‘s books have helped me see the injustices of our system of mass incarceration.

ESAU MCCAULLEY shares his experiences as a Black man and his knowledge as a professor of biblical studies.

BE THE BRIDGE continues to work towards bringing divided social groups together.

AND CAMPAIGN does a great job of showing the problems and possibilities on both the conservative and progressive side of the political spectrum.

ARRABON teaches so well how predominantly White churches and organizations can address racism and seek reconciliation.

NATASHA SISTRUNK ROBINSON gives a beautiful vision of what mentoring the next generation can look like.

Whom would you add to this list?

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