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Asking the Right Questions

What if having a lasting faith isn’t about having the right answers but about learning to ask the right questions?

I heard someone suggest this a few weeks ago, and it’s been bouncing around my head ever since. 

Then I heard Bob Goff say that Jesus asked over 300 questions and only answered 3. 

And then I saw Lore Ferguson Wilbert’s new book, all about having A Curious Faith and recognizing the permission God gives us to ask questions. 

This is the type of faith I want to have and the type of faith I want to model to our children.

I don’t mean to suggest here that nothing about God is knowable or secure. But I do mean to suggest that God responds to a humble and curious heart. 

The answers I had twenty years ago don’t satisfy me anymore. I’m asking questions about the breadth of God’s expansive love. I’m curious what it means for the Spirit to be living and active. I want to understand what it means for the Bible to be the Word of God. I want to know Jesus better. 

So I’m still asking questions, knowing that the answers may be few or far between or temporary in nature, trusting that love is the only answer I need to know for sure.

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