collage of photos of Penny with the family

Penny Turns 18

Our daughter Penny turns 18 today. She’s not at home with us, as it turns out. Rather, she is at a retreat center with a

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flooded river lined by green trees

Life’s Raging River

The rains have been intense around here lately. And these days our life as a family feels uncomfortably like this river. I’m wondering whether we

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a dark door opening into light

Anxiety Is a Signal

One night this summer, I had an anxiety dream (that’s what I call it). I don’t have them often, but in this particular dream I’m

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mosaic background behind a graphic with 5 books covers of the books mentioned in the post for the giveaway

5-Book Giveaway

We are approaching the book birthday of To Be Made Well, so I’m celebrating with a 5-book giveaway with some other incredible authors over on

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